Jio4G Voice APK | Free Download Latest Version 4.1.4. For Android & iOS

Nowadays Reliance Jio4G is a very well-known Telecom Provider all over India. As it has becomes a trend to get a 4G compatible device so that you can use it. Ultimately the interesting thing in the Reliance Jio4G is the technology of VoLTE facility by which you can make a call without wasting your Account balance.

By using the Jio4G Voice APK it improves your non-VoLTE 4G phone with VoLTE ability. And by using the old version APK non-VoLTE Android phones make HD voice and video calls to any landline or cell numbers around the world and it provides you the best HD Clarity in the Voice Calls by JioJoin App.

Jio4G Voice APK Download – How it works?

Jio4G Voice APK Download

By using the Jio4G Voice APK we can make the HD calls to all the 2G and 3G providers and Reliance Jio have also started a 4G Service for a list of VoLTE supported mobiles and also Jio4G offers for its Customers up to free of cost for all the internet, calls and also messages and it provides the offer to all the jio supportable mobiles.

With the latest Jio4G voice you got the features like the improved dialer, group chat with up to 100 contacts and location sharing. It has got the new interface which responds much faster and is comparatively cleaner than the old version. Moreover, the Jio4G Voice users can make a high-quality voice call to the other Jio customers using VoLTE device from the app. People may also use the new smart calling feature which let you place a call upon opening the contact information and then lifting the phone to your ear. It also transforms the voice calling app into a rich default texting app.

How to Download Jio4G Voice APK?

Jio4G Voice APK

The Jio4G Voice is the latest technology by which you can make a call to anyone you like even if you having a lack of balance also. All you have to have is a 4G VoLTE enabled the handset to make it. And it considered as one of the convenient ways to communicate with your friends and relatives. Jio4G Voice has the latest updated too because earlier it was known as JioJoin. Just make use of the Jio4GVoice APK and continue your conversation. But for this just you need to download the APK file of it. Have a look at the ways for downloading it:

Steps to Download Jio4G Voice APK:

  • Firstly, Switch on your Computer and then you can see the Browser installed in your Computer.
  • Then select any particular Browser among the other browsers installed on your PC and then Click on to it.
  • Then after the browser opens on your PC you will able to see a URL space in which you can write your specific keyword or topic you like to.
  • Then after putting the particular keyword in the URL column click the search and go button,
  • A then after clicking search and go you will see a new window has opened with lists of relevant keywords you have written in the previous URL while searching it on the web.
  • And choose the perfect keyword along with its website to make the final selection for downloading it.
  • After opening that final website which consists of that particular keyword which you want,
  • You may able to see the download link of “Jio4G Voice APK Download”, click the link
  • Soon after clicking that download link download will start automatically and it may take sometimes to get the download.
  • As soon as the download finishes one icon will prompt like “Download Complete”.
  • And then select the particular Downloaded File and Click it to open,
  • And then after clicking the Downloaded file you can see like “Read Privacy and Statement” before you install
  • Just Click the Next button and make it confirm that you want to install and after the installation finishes
  • Just Click on the “Jio4G Voice APK” Icon that can be seen in your desired save location and you can start using it.

Features of Jio4G Voice APK:

  • It supports the HD Voice and Video calls so that the conversation is as Crystal as Clear.
  • You can send customized messages, images, files of any type and much more to make your usage more comfortable and trendy.
  • Make HD Calls even on non-VoLTE 4G mobiles while connected to JioFi
  • You also can make it as the default messaging app
  • Use the “Urgent Call” feature to mention that the call is urgent which can make you more convenient in an emergency.
  • In Call Share is more fun and by this, you can express your thoughts with a quick doodle and share the location of the party or sketch the direction.
  • Rich Call gives your call more realistic with customized messaging, images and location on the receiver’s screen.
  • Enhanced Calling from your phone dialer.


So, all I can say that the Reliance Jio4GVoice is the updated and latest way to make your calls and usage through the modern way in the field or Technology. Maximum time we often see that we having a lack of Balance, No-Clarity during our phone calls. After having the all new Reliance Jio4G Voice APK installed all your problems will get resolved. The trendy features like the VoLTE make this Telecom provider and APK a step forward in the Tech Generations. I believe after seeing the good features and specifications of it. you will never step your foot backward to grab it.

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