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What is an entertainment? Can, we all have the same answer. I don’t think so. We all have different aspects of it. We love very different things to do when it comes to entertaining ourselves. With the busy and moribund life, we all are unable to do it. Hotstar App As per the growing demand, the makers of different apps were quite perplexed, as I feel because they weren’t able to understand that what could make people engage themselves with their smartphones more.

The social media apps are quite good but they are not able to satisfy all the people. Many people find those apps bit useless.

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Can we all ever imagine to stay away from the T.V?

However, many of us don’t find the time to watch out our favorite shows but still whenever we get time we all love to entertain ourselves watching fantastic shows. It can be any show like music shows, daily soaps, news or movies.

We never feel bored when we watch our favorite things on TV.

Well, many people also will have both favorite things in their hand their mobile phones and TV. Now, when can’t imagine holding both the things in their hand. But what if I say yes you can have. Then what you will say. I feel the first word that will come out is awesome.

Friends, today the article is all about an app that will give you the full access to see your favorite shows on your mobile phone and the name of the app is Hotstar.Com

What is Hotstar?

Hotstar is a digital and mobile entertainment platform that is owned by Novi Digital Entertainment, a wholly owned subsidiary of Star India.

This app was mainly made for the TV lovers who don’t will to feel cut off from the entertainment.

The increasing demand of the people to have a mini TV within their phone pressurized many big companies to initiate such a program that can satisfy the viewers and then Hotstar was born.

When you switch to hotstar, you will experience the entire TV. Within your small screen mobile phone. There are lot more things that you find out. Let’s see the features that it offers.

Hotstar App Features:

When it is coming to Hotstar Live App, then I think it will take the whole night to roughly draw its features but we can a list here some.

  • The very prominent feature is that the maximum shows available on the app is free. Means, you don’t have to think about spending your money. This app is free so it is more reliable for many people as its free purchase will catch many eyes.
  • When we come to the most prominent features then we can expect more from this app. Let’s proceed one by one to know more about this app.
  • When you download this then you need to sign in as you do in all the apps. After signing in you will go to the home page of this app where you will find many shows that will appear in form of list.
  • Besides, it will also help you to find, at the right side, the category of shows that you want to see. You will also find the option of watching the shows according to the channel.
  • The movie lovers will not be disappointed as this app offers many movies of different languages. You can find many movies that will be of your taste.
  • The most important feature that Hotstar offers is that you can watch out all the episodes that you forgot to see. Apart from that you also got the option to see the previous episodes of many serials who have ended their seasons.
  • You also have the option to watch out your favorite games. As you, all know that Star Tv has a variety of channels that offer different game shows. You can watch out the highlights of your favorite games and even the live show if you are out of your home.
  • This Hotstar Live App also uses 50% fewer data. So, no worries about the net packs. This app will also offer you the feature of altering the picture quality. You can change the quality while watching any video.
  • I feel its a cool app because many times this happens that we are unable to see our favorite shows and even when we switch to the most renowned app i.e. the YouTube, we don’t find any access to watch it out because it takes 24 hrs to upload any video. Also, you can’t find all the shows videos available on it.

So, in that case, it is a very nice app to see your favorite shows.

Download Hotstar App for Android & iOS Devices:

Hotstar App

Hotstar is an innovative and authorized app. So, you can download it directly from the Google play store. This app is free for download but there are many shows in the app that will cost you.

Pros and Cons:

Well, when it comes to the pros so I think the features mentioned above are quite unique that this app is offering. This app has covered all the corners and has come up with an app that takes care of different categories of people. It doesn’t matter whether you are a sports lover or daily soaps, this app is for you.

Let’s move further and talk about the cons. This Hotstar App doesn’t cover all the channels. It covers all the channels which are part of Star TV. So, many TV lovers can find disappointment with it. It only works when you are online. There are so many apps developed after this app which offers more tv channels than this. In the competitive world, they need to work more in the channel section.


Hotstar App received mixed reviews from the viewers as this app covers a confined category of people, so, it was unable to satisfy many TV lovers but at the same time it also received good responses from the people who are Star TV shows lover. Overall, we can conclude its a good app and you can give it a try.